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Gothic Reloaded Mod

Gothic Reloaded Mod

On 3rd July 2007 I presented my vision of a "Gothic 1 Improvement Project" in the German forum "World of Gothic". Shortly afterwards a small team was founded, ready to support this daring adventure. Every now and then new members joined us, although only a few proved their worth. I am all the more grateful to those who have been involved in this project for many years and held it up.

During this time many things have changed. When we started, most of us were still (junior) high school students. Meanwhile, all have completed their studies or their training and have gotten a job. Accordingly, it becomes increasingly difficult to find time for the mod. This can be seen clearly in the missing updates on our website, for which I am responsible. Since I am not a fan of social media platforms, you cannot find us on Facebook, Twitter and so on until now. Maybe this will change in the future, who knows? We are working on a new website, which will look more up-to-date and will be easier to maintain. Meanwhile, we found reliable translators, who are helping us to reach Russian, Polish and Italian fans in their native language.

The development was delayed mainly because of a technical problem. In the game, all three-dimensional objects are described by a set of triangles. In the engine of Gothic 1, there is an artificial limitation on the quantity of these triangles, which has already been removed in Gothic 2. Over a long period of time, we were aware of this problem and still had not found a solution because this limitation is anchored in the engine itself. As you can guess this had a strong influence on our motivation. We developed the mod anyway, uncertain whether and how we would ever publish it. There were different approaches, such as the use of another engine or the release for Gothic 2, which unfortunately have always entailed some legal problems. Finally, the help of Degenerated enabled us to publish our mod for Gothic 1. I will always owe him thanks.

From this point onwards, we have concentrated all our efforts on compiling this demo. Since we are still working on the underground levels, we decided to limit the demo to the first chapter of Gothic's original story. This means you can visit the old mine as well as all the camps of the mining colony and join one of them. In the name of the whole team, I wish you a lot of fun!



CPU: Dual Core with 3 GHz
Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
Graphics card: DX11 enabled graphics card with 2 GB vRAM
Sound card: Yes
Free disk space: 2 GB


What exactly is Gothic Reloaded Mod?

The Gothic Reloaded Mod is not a typical mod. In contrast to other mods, which try to create or add an additional storyline, characters, items or quests, we will enhance the graphics of the original game "Gothic" by Piranha Bytes, published in 2001.

What will be modified?

The mod will include new level- and object textures, a revised level mesh, improved VOBs/MOBs (objects) as well as a new interface (menu, chapter-, loading- and saving screens). At present we work on all these things simultaneously to ensure a better and consistent result, though this way will take some more time.

Were changes made to the scripts?

No, because the Gothic Reloaded Mod is a graphical mod and should remain language neutral.

When will the Gothic Reloaded Mod be finished?

This is one of the most common questions and yet we can not give a binding answer. The present demo should have shown that this project is not dead and we continue to work on it.

Will Gothic Reloaded Mod be compatible to other modifications?

Yes and no, because Gothic Reloaded Mod will be released as a modification and Gothic can't launch two modifications concurrent. But Gothic Reloaded Mod will also be installable as a patch.

Is Gothic still running stable?

Gothic runs stable on the computers of our team members with and without Gothic Reloaded Mod.

Should I install the D3D11 renderer?

It depends. From a graphical point of view it is recommended, but it can lead to technical problems. A known problem is, for example, that the game can no longer be terminated and you have to close GothicMod.exe via the Task Manager. In the settings menu of the installer you can enable / disable the D3D11 renderer.

Are there known bugs in the demo?

We have tried our best to provide an elaborate demo. Nevertheless, there are some bugs that have not been fixed yet. These include objects floating in mid-air or being placed through walls, as well as a portal bug at Cor Kalom's hut. The circumstance, that the Nameless Hero's position is sometimes reset when wading through water, is due to the Carnage Graphics Patch. There are two more problems with the D3D11 renderer. Firstly, items that are used during an animation, remain in the air, and secondly, any savegames made during rain are unloadable. These are not all known bugs but the most serious ones. Together with the authors of those projects, we will ensure that the final version of the Gothic Reloaded Mod does not contain these errors.

I noticed a bug, what can I do?

Please register at World of Players and reply in this thread.

I have a 4K/UHD monitor and the menu is too small, what now?

You can activate the menu scaling by opening the file "[Gothic]\System\SystemPack.ini", scrolling down to "[INTERFACE]", setting the value of "Scale" to "1" and saving the changed file.

What happens at the end of the first chapter?

Nothing, the story was interrupted after the admission by shortening or removing dialogues. You can continue to roam through the Valley of Mines and search for our easter egg, or climb up the hierarchy of the camp once more at level 10.

How can I remove the limitation to the first chapter?

Basically, we advise against this because the demo is not designed for it and therefore has not been tested in this aspect. For example the switch to the entrance of the Sleeper temple is still inside a wall. You'll need to cheat to play the game! If you want to play Gothic in spite of this warning, you must delete the file "[G1]\Data\ModVDF\Gothic_Reloaded_Mod_XY.mod". The "XY" is a placeholder for the language you choosed in the installer. If you installed our mod in English, it would be "EN". Go to the swamp camp and talk to Lester, then the second chapter should begin.

Under which license is the Gothic Reloaded Mod?

This demo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license. While, according to the usage conditions of the development kit, modifications for Gothic 2 must be placed under the GothicMOD license, Gothic 1 only requires non-commercial purposes. This is guaranteed by the license chosen by us.

Have you updated the demo, is there a changelog?

Yes, the demo has already been updated twice. The changes were mainly about technical aspects, less about content.

Demo v2:
• Installer is now targeted at .NET Framework 4.0 to support Windows XP
• Player-Kit is installed in more cases than before
• Subtitles are set once in GOTHIC.INI instead of using an override
• Preface was signed and a typo in the Polish version was fixed
• Metal grates and other textures aren't so shiny anymore
• Water level on rice fields is lower (although not perfect)
• Added a new tree model by BlackBat
• Texture of the Old Camp's banner was replaced
• Vegetation was adjusted in some places

Demo v3:
• GUI scaling will be activated if the resolution is greater than Full HD
• Improved robustness of the install path recognition
• All localizations are now installed completely, to allow the user to switch between them without reinstalling the mod
• Recompiled DLL files with Visual Studio 2015 to avoid shipping three Visual C++ redistributable packages

How can I support you?

We welcome new members, but you should bring enough experience with you. In the past, we have tried to train new members, but unfortunately this has not been profitable. If you would like to support our project financially, please send us a donation via the link at the bottom of this website.


  • Date: 2019-12-08, 23:33
  • Name: ThielHater
  • If you need help with a translation, you may have a look at and contact them.
  • Date: 2019-12-07, 10:30
  • Name: rardImmus
  • i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor
  • Date: 2019-11-18, 19:04
  • Name: naikjoy
  • I wasn't credited for the little work I did :P but I don't care... I love Gothic and I hope this gets released soon.
  • Date: 2019-10-27, 21:35
  • Name: Wojciech
  • Kiedy możemy spodziewać się jakiś informacji dotyczących premiery moda?
  • Date: 2019-10-13, 14:09
  • Name: Archlych
  • This mod is just perfect! Can we please have the whole thing? :D
  • Date: 2019-10-03, 13:34
  • Name: ThielHater
  • @ARTstuff: Thank you. We haven't reworked much of the vegetation and I have to admit that Vurt's work is excellent. Our tree textures were developed quite early and created in a "traditional way". Nowadays, textures of vegetation and especially tree tops and leaves are generated images and not based on a single photo, which results in a higher quality. DX11 renderer is still included, you have to scroll down the components list when installing GRM.
  • Date: 2019-10-03, 11:55
  • Name: ARTstuff
  • Да текстуры Reloaded используются во многих модификациях.
    Текстуры в вашем моде действительно на высоте, кроме текстур деревьев.
    Все же Reloaded лучшая графическая модификация для Gothic 1
    Еще у меня вопрос куда подевался рендер DX11?
    В предыдущей Demo v3 он был.
  • Date: 2019-10-03, 08:52
  • Name: ThielHater
  • @ARTstuff: Thanks for the link, there are a lot of textures in this archive! I was amazed to see some of ours and how others modified them. The quality of these textures has a wide range because the mix was created from many sources, but I can proudly say that our textures are at the top. :)

    We are cooperating with Ceex, the author of GWR, and his weapons will be included in the GRM for sure.
  • Date: 2019-10-03, 07:05
  • Name: ARTstuff
  • Так же прилагаю ссылку на пак качественного оружия для Gothic
  • Date: 2019-10-03, 06:59
  • Name: ARTstuff
  • Здравствуйте уважаемые разработчики:) пару месяцев назад мы вели диалог о совместимости Githic с другими модами... Так же я предложил вам заменить текстуры брони на новые. Вы попросили у меня ссылку на мод.
    Посмотрите может вам понравится... В архиве так же присутствуют текстуры для Gothic 2