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Gothic Reloaded Mod

Мы решили, что с выходом нашего нового сайта мы объявим его устаревшим.
Вы все еще можете скачать демо, но поддержки больше нет и гостевая книга закрыта.
Большое спасибо за все ваши комментарии о нашей работе!


CPU: Dual Core с тактовой частотой 3 GHz
Опeрационная система: Windows 7 и выше
Видеокарта: DX11 включена видеокарта с 2 GB видеопамяти
Аудиокарта: да
Свободное место на диске: 2 GB


Что такое Gothic Reloaded Mod?

Gothic Reloaded Mod это "визуально графический" мод. В большинстве модификациях речь идет о новых: захватывающих сюжетах с новыми персонажами, а также предлагаются новые предметы и задания. У нас же, речь идет совсем о другом, о том, чтобы улучшить графическую составляющую объектов оригинальной игры "Gothic" (от компании Piranha Bytes) образца 2001 года, преобразовать, и улучшить её визуально.

Что именно претерпит изменения?

Изменятся текстуры мира, а также текстуры обьектов. Меши обьектов мира игры - Вобов/Мобов также будут переработаны. Игра получит обновленный интерфейс, то есть, новые: меню игры, старт-скрин, лоад-скрин, скрины глав, загрузки и сохранения. Сейчас мы работаем над всеми пунктами паралельно, немного медленно, но за-то тщательно, чтобы получить наиболее качественный результат.

Were changes made to the scripts?

No, because the Gothic Reloaded Mod is a graphical mod and should remain language neutral.

When will the Gothic Reloaded Mod be finished?

This is one of the most common questions and yet we can not give a binding answer. The present demo should have shown that this project is not dead and we continue to work on it.

Сможет ли Gothic Reloaded Mod работать с другими модификациями?

И да, и нет. Если его установить как обычную модификацию, тогда он не будет совместим с другими. НО, если мод устанавливать как патч, поверх игры.

Будет ли Gothic в этом случае работать стабильно?

На компьютерах нашей комадны она работает стабильно, как с Gothic Reloaded Mod так и без него.

Нужно ли мне устанавливать D3D11 рендерер?

По-разному. С графической точки зрения это рекомендуется, к сожалению это может привести к техническим проблемам. Нам известная проблема в том что игра больше не может быть завершенна, и вы должны закрыть GothicMod.exe с помощью диспетчера задач. В настройках инсталлятора вы можете включить или отключить D3D11 рендерер.

Are there known bugs in the demo?

We have tried our best to provide an elaborate demo. Nevertheless, there are some bugs that have not been fixed yet. These include objects floating in mid-air or being placed through walls, as well as a portal bug at Cor Kalom's hut. The circumstance, that the Nameless Hero's position is sometimes reset when wading through water, is due to the Carnage Graphics Patch. There are two more problems with the D3D11 renderer. Firstly, items that are used during an animation, remain in the air, and secondly, any savegames made during rain are unloadable. These are not all known bugs but the most serious ones. Together with the authors of those projects, we will ensure that the final version of the Gothic Reloaded Mod does not contain these errors.

I noticed a bug, what can I do?

Please register at World of Players and reply in this thread.

I have a 4K/UHD monitor and the menu is too small, what now?

You can activate the menu scaling by opening the file "[Gothic]\System\SystemPack.ini", scrolling down to "[INTERFACE]", setting the value of "Scale" to "1" and saving the changed file.

What happens at the end of the first chapter?

Nothing, the story was interrupted after the admission by shortening or removing dialogues. You can continue to roam through the Valley of Mines and search for our easter egg, or climb up the hierarchy of the camp once more at level 10.

How can I remove the limitation to the first chapter?

Basically, we advise against this because the demo is not designed for it and therefore has not been tested in this aspect. For example the switch to the entrance of the Sleeper temple is still inside a wall. You'll need to cheat to play the game! If you want to play Gothic in spite of this warning, you must delete the file "[G1]\Data\ModVDF\Gothic_Reloaded_Mod_XY.mod". The "XY" is a placeholder for the language you choosed in the installer. If you installed our mod in English, it would be "EN". Go to the swamp camp and talk to Lester, then the second chapter should begin.

Under which license is the Gothic Reloaded Mod?

This demo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license. While, according to the usage conditions of the development kit, modifications for Gothic 2 must be placed under the GothicMOD license, Gothic 1 only requires non-commercial purposes. This is guaranteed by the license chosen by us.

Have you updated the demo, is there a changelog?

Yes, the demo has already been updated three times. The changes were mainly about technical aspects, less about content.

Demo v2:
• Installer is now targeted at .NET Framework 4.0 to support Windows XP
• Player-Kit is installed in more cases than before
• Subtitles are set once in GOTHIC.INI instead of using an override
• Preface was signed and a typo in the Polish version was fixed
• Metal grates and other textures aren't so shiny anymore
• Water level on rice fields is lower (although not perfect)
• Added a new tree model by BlackBat
• Texture of the Old Camp's banner was replaced
• Vegetation was adjusted in some places

Demo v3:
• GUI scaling will be activated if the resolution is greater than Full HD
• Improved robustness of the install path recognition
• All localizations are now installed completely, to allow the user to switch between them without reinstalling the mod
• Recompiled DLL files with Visual Studio 2015 to avoid shipping three Visual C++ redistributable packages

Demo v4:
• Updated GRMFixes
• Added zCZoneZFogPatch to enable fog rendering
• Updated D3D11 renderer to version 17.5.3
• Allow install of D3D11 renderer if there are two graphic cards and one is not Intel
• Updated SystemPack to version 1.7
• Added Gothic 2 controls to settings menu
• Disable level of detail (LOD), making sure the world mesh is always rendered in highest quality
• Added override for VOB draw distance
• Added Czech Translation
• Improved Italian Translation

How can I support you?

We welcome new members, but you should bring enough experience with you. In the past, we have tried to train new members, but unfortunately this has not been profitable. If you would like to support our project financially, please send us a donation via the link at the bottom of this website.

Гостевая книга

  • Дата: 2020-10-30, 16:54
  • Имя: Thiel
  • @Moe: Dann wird der Pfad wohl auch nicht gültig sein, du musst das Hauptverzeichnis von Gothic 1 auswählen.

    @plru: You have to tell windows to run Gothic on your NVIDIA graphics card but I don't know how, please consult Google.
  • Дата: 2020-10-30, 14:29
  • Имя: plru
  • Running the game with the DX11 renderer on my Nvidia GTX 1060 Mobile laptop + Intel UHD 630 renders just a white screen. Works without DX11. What do?
  • Дата: 2020-10-27, 09:31
  • Имя: Moe
  • Wenn ich die Mod installieren möchte und den Installationspfad entsprechend anpasse, wird mir dieser leider als ungültig angezeigt.
  • Дата: 2020-09-12, 08:48
  • Имя: Thiel
  • @Laxius One: No but there is an FAQ entry regarding that topic. I updated the changelog in the FAQ for version 4.
  • Дата: 2020-09-12, 06:51
  • Имя: Laxius One
  • Is Version4 applicable for all the chapters of gothic 1?
  • Дата: 2020-09-12, 06:42
  • Имя: Laxius One
  • Is there a changelog for v4? Can't seem to find it anywhere.
  • Дата: 2020-09-11, 19:10
  • Имя: Thiel
  • @Laxius One: When it's done.
  • Дата: 2020-09-11, 19:09
  • Имя: Laxius One
  • When can we expect a finished mod with 0 bugs?
  • Дата: 2020-09-07, 08:56
  • Имя: Thiel
  • @EIOQ: I got a notification about your entry but forgot to reply, sorry. I suspect you read our board using Google Translator or something like that? The release date you mentioned is not official, that didn't come from us. However, waiting for a final release would indeed solve your problem.
  • Дата: 2020-09-06, 10:11
  • Имя: EIOQ
  • Ich habe das deutsche Forum mit Informationen zu Ihrer Änderung gelesen, jetzt gibt es keine Fragen mehr. Ich weiß nicht, wie ich den vorherigen Beitrag löschen soll. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Glück bei Ihrer Arbeit, Kraft und Geduld! Ich warte auf die Veröffentlichung des Gothic-Spiels am 20. Jahrestag :)